Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour

For my first Monday of maternity leave I wanted to do something nice with the boys that wouldn’t cost a fortune, and as it was the school holidays i knew this would be hard.  After a quick google and look around Facebook i stumbled upon Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour in Whitley, Wakefield.  The website says free entrance and that there is also a playground, animals and crazy golf course as well as rides at a small fee, winner winner in my eyes!!


Before you go

  • Nothing really to note before you go, apart from it does say on the website that you cannot consume your own food on the premises, which i didn’t see so took some food for us.  Nobody asked us to leave or questioned what we was doing…result!

Getting There & Parking

  • The whole journey only took me about 30 mins from my house but some of the roads were quite thin country roads so if you’re not from the area drive with care
  • There is plenty of free parking on site, when we left i noticed that the car park was full and people were parked on the side of the road outside, i don’t think this is a problem as there aren’t any yellow lines

Whilst we was there………

So we arrived at about 11.30, parked up and were greeted by a couple of alpacas and absolutely massive pigs, the boys were a bit unsure about these, ha ha.


The boys couldn’t wait to get started on the playground so off we went, there was plenty of benches to sit on, this is where we ate our lunch that i brought not realising we wasnt supposed to consume our own food, ooppsss.  

Next was time to play on the climbing area.  Tommy, 3, was just slightly too small to climb up on this and once he got up with help was too scared to move but Jax, 4, absolutely loved it.  I had to help him up the first time but after that there was no stopping him.  Luckily there was another smaller slide and a couple of wooden ride on things that he could go on so everyone was happy.

After about 30 mins in the park the boys wanted to go on the “actual rides” that you need tokens for.  There is a little machine on the outside of the cafe that exchanged cash for tokens, each token was £1 and as far as i saw the rides were £2 and the crazy golf was £3.  You could also buy a wrist band for £9 that let you ride on everything as many times as you wanted.  I bought the boys 4 tokens each, Jax wanted to go on the inflatable slide and Tommy the train.  The slide was fantastic and you could more or less go on as many times as you wanted and they train ride was definitely worth the 2 tokens, it went on for at least 5 mins, however this did break down the ride after Tommy got off.  There was also a small swan round about but neither wanted to go on that, there was also the crazy golf that seemed busy so we missed that out also.  The last ride they both went on was the tractor ride, which is basically a tractor pulling some barrels with children sat in around a field and the both absolutely loved it!  Again it lasted longer than any ride that they have ever been on before.

We then went on to see the animals, there was donkeys, pigs, Alpacas, Geese, birds and Goats, one of the poor goats was pregnant with twins, i thought i was fat at 7 1/2 months pregnant but that was something else!!  

Finally i thought we should sample some of the ice cream since we was at an ice cream parlour, got in the que and shock horror neither boy wanted any.  There was nothing that i could offer to tempt them to have a try, so i ordered a tub of Coconut Ice cream with was, i think £1.90 and they both had a milkshake at £1.90 each.  They just had banana and chocolate flavour, we could however have milkshake made with ice cream but that went up to, i think £3.60 each.  As soon as we sat down, true to form, they wanted my treat so literally had about 4 mouthfulls, what i did have was delishious though and their milk shakes didnt taste too bad either.  We didnt try any other food so cannot comment on that.


The Good Stuff

  • The view is absolutely amazing!  On a good day you can see for miles
  • Ice Cream is amazing, we will definately go back and try more flavours
  • It is excellent value of money, i took £20 and went home with change at the end of the day


The Bad Stuff

  • If its raining then there isn’t really anything apart from the cafe that is indoors so prepare to get wet
  • Personally  we thought it was a fantastic day out however parts of the rides area and the crazy golf looked like they needed a bit of a spruce up
  • There was a little outside ice cream hut but this was closed despite it being the middle of the school holidays and quite busy.  I’ve yet to read a post where this has been open.

All in all a fantastic place to visit and we will visit again but maybe only if we are passing the area, i dont think we could make another full day visit out of it.

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