The boy arrived and slimming world began!

So on 20th October 2017 my third and final little bundle of joy arrived after going 15 days over and having to be induced, he weighed in at a mahooooosive 11lb 4 1/2oz and without pain relief so to say it hurt is a bit of an understatement.  However, having said that it did mean that i lost almost 2 stone overnight, yippeeeee.

2 Weeks after on 31st October I started my weight loss journey and went back to slimming world and after being there 5 weeks now ive lost 8.5lb and had a slimmer of the week.  This week though it all went belly up and ive skipped class because i know ive put on about 7lb, lol, starting again tomorrow though and i am 100% back on plan.  Id like to have lost 1 stone by xmas but i dont think that is going to happen anymore so to be almost at 1 stone is good enough for me.

Lets see if I can use this to keep me on the straight and narrow………..

Claire x

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